Gifts: Mother Earth Flax Seed Thermal Pillows Now Available for Sale at my Massage Studio or use my Mother Earth affiliate link*.


For Non-Medical Cloth/Fabric Masks, head to my Mother Earth affiliate link* or clicking the pics below. Then click on shop now & masks should come up first. 

*I may receive a small monetary commission or non-monetary compensation for purchases made through my Mother Earth affiliate links. ​ You can also purchase through the non-affiliate link. . . .and I’ll get nothing! But seriously, no pressure, use the link you are most comfortable with and your pricing will be the same regardless.  It’s all good!


Gift Certificates and Packages allow you to support of my small business during these unprecedented times and allow you to invest in your future health or the future health of your friends and family

Gift Certificates and Packages can be redeemed when social distancing recommendation and guidelines have been lifted.  Please join our mailing list through the link below to stay informed.  All gift certificates carry a 5 year expiration date, so you'll have plenty of time to use them.  All package expiration dates will be extended accordingly based on my reopen date.  


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NoVA Weekend Warriors
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