Moving Conversations and Moving Freely Sessions

See my appointment calendar for this newest series which includes myofascial self stretching and movement techniques.

Therapeutic Massage Pricing and Services

Choose The Session That's Right For You.

All Sessions are priced inclusively with no additional fees, service charges or gratuities accepted and include:

  • A 5 to 15 minute pre-session consultation and assessment

  • A 120, 90 or 60 minute customized therapeutic massage session individualized to your goals which may include heat therapy, aromatherapy and assisted stretching based on your preferences

  • A 5 to 15 minute post-session reassessment and recap

  • Access to your personalized client evaluation form

Read more about about my pricing structure on my blog post: What's Included and What's Not.

20 minute Office Consultation: $50

Not sure if massage or a movement program is a good fit for you?  I offer an in-studio or online consultation appointment which does not include any hands on time, but provides a pre-session consultation to see if and how sessions may be beneficial to your specific goals.

More about your Therapeutic Massage Services:

Your customized therapeutic massage session is individualized to your goals.  Based on your preferences, in addition to skilled hands-on techniques, you may include heat/thermal therapy, aromatherapy and assisted stretching techniques at no additonal cost.  These options will be discussed prior to your appointment(s).

Heat and thermal therapy protocols may deepen the therapeutic effect. Based on your preferences, your customized therapeutic massage session may incorporate heat therapy along with hands-on techniques.  This heat and thermal therapy includes hot towels or medical grade Mother Earth Pillows®*, specifically designed thermal flax seeds wrapped in a hygenic TerraTouch medical grade fabric. 

Heat/Thermal Therapy:

Based on your preferences, your customized therapeutic massage session may incorporate aromatherapy through the use of Aromatics International* essential oils.  Aromatherapy and essential oils are used through inhalation only, with a tissue placed in the face cradle or near the nose, but never placed directly on your skin. This allows you to experience the benefits of aromatherapy while keeping the room neutral for our next client.  All aromatherapy is used following the safety guidelines recommended by the Tisserand Institute.  If you are looking for other applications of aromatherapy and/or essential oils, please visit the resources page for recommendations for a Certified Aromatherapist.  

Note: Aromatherapy is used sparingly with a mindfulness for future clients who may have scent related allergies or sensitivities.  For more information on how I address this in my studio, review my blog post titled Addressing Scent-Related Allergies & Sensitivities


Assisted "Stretching": 

Did you notice the quotes around "stretching"?  That is intentional!  In our sessions, stretching is not about lengthening a muscle, although it may give that feeling.  Based on your preferences, your customized therapeutic massage may incorporate this technique. Assisted "stretching" is about slowly teaching your body a new stretch tolerance with a goal of either a temporary increase in range of motion, a feeling of relaxation or both.

*Links with an asterik (*) are my affiliate links for Mother Earth Pillows, Aromatics International and Bondi Bands.  By using those, I may receive a commission or some pretty sweet non-monetary perks, rewards or bonuses. If you prefer, though, you can also access them through their main non-affiliate links. . . .and I’ll get nothing! Ha! But seriously, no pressure, use either links.  It’s all good!


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